Lowering Your Facility's Electric Rates

Energywiz, Inc., announces the publication of Lindsay Audin's new book, "Lowering Your Facility's Electric Rates."

You can see a detailed review by Rita Tatum in Building Operating Management. Her title is "How To Lower Electricity Rates." https://www.facilitiesnet.com/energyefficiency/article/How-To-Lower-Electricity-Rates---17573?source=part

"Lowering Your Facility's Electric Rates" is "full of very specific, useful background and tips, presented in an eminently readable style. Everyone who buys it will be happy they did." - Edward Sullivan, editor of Building Operating Management magazine

"The book has a wealth of information." - Michael D. Kornitas, Director of Sustainability and Energy Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
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Buy the book at https://www.crcpress.com/Lowering-Your-Facilitys-Electric-Rates/Audin/p/book/9781138303140 .  

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Energy and facility managers hate paying a bundle for their power. But they're wrong if they think the only way to shrink their utility bills is by cutting back their usage, upgrading lighting or air conditioning, or putting solar panels on their roofs. Others have instead saved more - and spent far less in the process - by deploying tricks that cut their utility rates, without ever turning a screw.

"Before going into hock paying for more efficient equipment, squeeze the most out of how you buy your power," says energy consultant Lindsay Audin, president of Energywiz, Inc. “Lowering Your Facility's Electric Rates” (by Fairmont Press), distills his money-saving magic into a cookbook for cost cutters.

"During my 40+ years' experience in energy services, I've saved my clients millions of dollars by getting them special deals, lower utility rates, and cheaper electricity," says Audin. "Many have used those savings to improve their facilities, or to balloon their bottom line."


You can also order the book at amazon.com , free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

“Lowering Your Facility's Electric Rates” is the only book that focuses on ways to cut electric bills without working in the dark, or buying equipment that takes years to pay for itself. "For decades, I've shown my clients how to improve their energy efficiency when doing so was cost-effective,” Audin said. "But I saw far too many leaving money on the table by paying the wrong rates, missing out on lucrative subsidies, or overpaying taxes on the energy they use."

Audin is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers Hall of Fame, holds professional certifications in energy management and purchasing, and has won many national and international awards. His background includes many years as an energy engineer, 8 years as energy manager for Columbia University, and over 20 years of energy consulting. He spent several of those behind the scenes at Enron, where he learned how to turn the tables on its trickery to instead help customers.

His company serves large customers including medical centers, universities, industrials, commercial real estate, governments, and other consultants. For two decades, he has taught other professionals how facilities use energy, how to cut their utility bills, and the best ways to buy electricity. His work has been featured in dozens of articles in trade and technical journals.

Written for commercial, industrial and institutional (C&I) power customers, this book details practical ways to secure lower electric rates and pricing in both regulated and deregulated power markets. To do so, it provides the reader with an excellent understanding of power pricing and proven ways to reduce it. The range of options varies from simple methods (e.g., minimizing sales tax) to more complex techniques (e.g., intervening in regulatory rate proceedings). No words are wasted discussing regulatory policies or theory.

Smart business managers look for nickels under every seat cushion. This book is filled with ways to shake savings out of utility bills and power procurement contracts. You'll have a hard time finding an investment that pays back faster than “Lowering Your Facility's Electric Rates.

Buy the book at https://www.crcpress.com/Lowering-Your-Facilitys-Electric-Rates/Audin/p/book/9781138303140.  

You can also order it at amazon.com. Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

Table of Contents of "Lowering Your Facility's Electric Rates

Chapter 1: The Bottom Line

Chapter 2: Understanding The Basic Power System
          Evolution of the Electric Utilities
          Utility Geography
          Utility Financial Structures Vary
          New Players in the Power Game
          How the Grids Expanded
          The Three Main Functions Of Utilities
          Retail Deregulation Impacts Some Utilities

Chapter 3: Understanding Power Pricing
          Average Versus Actual Electric Rates
          To Understand the Options, Learn the Lingo
          Unbundling Electric Rates
          Basic Electricity and Tariff Units
          How Peak Demand May Be Measured
          Why Understanding Peak Demand Is Important

Chapter 4: Typical Components in a C&I Electric Bill
          Fixed Charges
          Major Variable Charges
          Program Charges and Taxes
          Many Pieces in the Pie

Chapter 5: First Steps in a Rate Analysis
          Tips to Make Analysis Easier
          Break Down Dense Language
          Use Utility Accounting Software
          Review Alternative Rates
          What Tariffs May Not Show


Chapter 6: (Mostly) Administrative Options
          Avoid, Shift, and/or Reduce Taxes
          Minimize Bill Processing Costs
          Aggregate Meters/Accounts
          Re-classify Loads/Accounts
          Lower Service Firmness
          Seek A CHP Deferral Option
          Find Billing Errors Using a Professional Utility Bill Auditor
          Utilize Financial Techniques

Chapter 7: Utilizing Metering and Dynamic Rate Options
          How Utility Metering Is Changing
          A Brief Tutorial on Interval Data
          How to Get the Data
          Evaluating a TOU Rate
          Power Pricing Based on Utility Load Profiles
          A Slightly Extreme Example
          Who May Benefit from TOU?
          Get It 'Wholesale' via RTP
          Who May Benefit from RTP?

Chapter 8: Equipment/Technical/Operational Options
          Reduce or Eliminate a Reactive Power Charge
          Convert Electric Loads to Natural Gas
          Get Paid to Cut Load By Demand Response Programs
          What DR is All About
          Who Offers DR Programs/Tariffs?
          Cut a Distribution Rate by Upgrading Voltage Service
          Pursue Transmission Bypass
          Buy Cheaper Power Generated On-site
          Negotiating Cogeneration
          Cash in on Options for Using Alternative Energy Sources


Chapter 9: Negotiating with Utilities
          IOUs: Often the Toughest Nuts to Crack
          Munis and Co-ops May be Easier
          Authorities Are a Mix
          Possible Mechanisms for a Resolution
          Negotiation Is Never a Simple or Easy Task
          Sweat the Details of a Proposed Deal

Chapter 10: Intervening to Help Write the Rates
          Understanding Rate Proceedings
          To Succeed, Don't Go It Alone


Chapter 11: Buying from Competing Electricity Suppliers
          Historical Background
          How the Purchasing Process Works
          Preparing for Retail Power Procurement

Chapter 12: Options for Competitive Supply Pricing
          Price Content and Structure 
          Common Types of Power Products

Chapter 13: Managing Competitive Power Procurement
          Finding and Choosing Retail Power Suppliers 
          RFI Content
          Price Discovery Methods and Tools
          RFP Content

Chapter 14: Ways to Save Money and/or Increase Value

Chapter 15: Negotiating/Improving a Supply Contract
          How to Improve a Contract
          Post Bid Options


Glossary of Tariff and Energy Procurement Terms

Buy the book at https://www.crcpress.com/Lowering-Your-Facilitys-Electric-Rates/Audin/p/book/9781138303140.    
You can also order it at amazon.com. Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.